Food Science

The BEST way to store celery!

Somebody mentioned wrapping your celery in foil, and it actually works!
A bowl of spicy winter vegetable soup with corn bread in the background.

Spicy Winter Vegetable Soup

Spicy, warm, filling, and so nutritious! When you need something filling and spicy that is not chili...
Dinner Slow Cooker

Country Slow Cooker Casserole

It’s really a stew, but the slow cooker takes care of most of the work. An easy hearty meal with stuff you have in...
Aldi Hauls

$30 Aldi Haul

Another Aldi haul. I haven’t been going to Aldi or anywhere really because I’ve been trying to eat up what is in the pantry...
Mexican Cornbread Dressing
Dinner Side Dishes

Mexican Cornbread Dressing

Looking for a dish to spice up your holidays? Try this savory Mexican cornbread dressing (or stuffing as some people call it). You won’t...