$30 Aldi Haul

Another Aldi haul. I haven’t been going to Aldi or anywhere really because I’ve been trying to eat up what is in the pantry and the freezer. But sometimes you need fresh stuff, so here we go….

I honestly don’t get where these politicians are saying that inflation is low. I guess if you compare this month’s prices to last month’s prices, then yes, inflation is low. But if you compare what I’m making this month compared to what I was making last month, my wages have not increased to keep up with it. It’s all a matter of which picture you are looking at. Remember that wages usually only go up (or down) once a year, but prices can (and often do) change on a daily basis. So what “inflation” actually means depends on the time period you are looking at.

All I know is that my bills have all gone up (rent went up 33% this year) and food and utilities have also gone up considerably. I sweltered through the summer so that I didn’t have to run the air conditioning all the time, and I still paid more for electricity this summer than I did last summer. It’s ridiculous.

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