My name is Ken, and I’m the dude with a fork. I also have all the other utensils.

I’ve loved to cook and eat since I was a kid. I finally got around to creating a YouTube channel where I can share some of my recipes and cooking techniques. I decided to create this website because I also wanted to talk about some other things that video is not necessarily a good medium for, and to provide a place where people can get an easy to print version of the recipes I film. I also want to provide some cooking resources for people who are new to cooking or are cooking with limited time or money.

Also, I intensely dislike almost every cooking website I’ve ever visited. Here’s why:

  • They talk forever about a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter before they get to the recipe. I don’t really care that you got this recipe from your neighbor’s dogwalker’s postman’s son-in-law’s best friend, and then basically changed everything about it. I want to see what the recipe looks like before I want any background information on it. If the recipe looks good and like something I would want to make, then I might be interested in the background. But if it doesn’t seem like something I would want to cook, I’m probably not going to be interested in it.
  • A million pop-ups asking me to subscribe to their mailing list, or join them on Facebook, etc. Again, I haven’t even been able to see your recipe. If I subscribe to your mailing list, and then I don’t like your recipes, I have to go back in and unsubscribe. No thanks.
  • A million ads. I don’t like advertising, and I don’t want it on my website, so you’ll never see it here. (If you see ads on my YouTube videos, that was YouTube’s decision, not mine.) I may eventually have some affiliate links on here, but you don’t have to buy anything from them.
  • A difficult or impossible to navigate mobile experience. Chances are you’re looking at this on a mobile device, possibly even while cooking. I want you to be able to see—quickly and easily and without a lot of bother—what you came here to see: the recipe.

I promise you, you will not see that stuff here.

So how can you support this site?

  • Try out the recipes, and if you like them or tweak them, add a comment.
  • Have a question? Ask a comment. I don’t have much of a life, so I promise to get to them in less than 24 hours.
  • Find a recipe you like? Share it with your friends.

I may eventually get around to creating a Patreon with a few different levels of support. When that happens, I’ll have a page with a list of my patrons.