This is a list of pages I refer to all the time. You may find some of these to be pretty helpful, as well.


You really do need to use a scale to weigh any type of flour, because flour easily packs. You can always fit more flour in the cup. I like to use the reference chart from King Arthur flour which covers tons of different flours and has both standard and metric weights. You can find it here:


Cooking Temperatures

Need to know when that standing rib roast or holiday turkey is actually done? The Minnesota Department of Health has a handy chart here:

Food Information

Want in-depth information about ingredients, restaurant food, or packaged foods? The USDA has a handy site called “FoodData Central” which can answer a lot of questions for you. You can find it here:

Nutrition Labels

The USDA has a handy explanation of how to read a food label here:


For a pH chart of common foods, Clemson University has a handy chart here: