Fried Rice Technique

I filmed this video ages ago and the file got buried. I don’t know if I meant to delete it and refilm it or not.

Anyway, I love fried rice because it’s  a great way to use up what you have in your refrigerator. All those little bits and pieces can go in.

Here are some tips for making great fried rice:

  • Make your rice ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator a minimum of four hours. (Overnight is better, though.) This allows the starch to go back into the rice kernels and keeps them from sticking together.
  • Rinse your rice really well before you cook it.
  • Use whatever ingredients you have on hand that you like. I like a bit of fried egg in mine, but if eggs aren’t your thing, feel free to leave them out.
  • Experiment with flavors. I like soy sauce and five spice powder, but this is a technique, not a recipe.
  • Use a bigger pan than you think you need.
  • Oil is your friend. You’re probably going to need more than you think.
  • Cook over high heat. Fried rice should cook quickly.
  • Make sure you have everything prepped before you turn on the stove. Chop your vegetables, cut up your meat, and have your seasonings ready.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be bold. Have some jerk seasoning? That would be great in fried rice. Be sure to add in some pineapple chunks and chopped papaya. Remember that there are no rules. Fried rice has always been about using up leftovers.

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